Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Life with My First Love

God gave me life… When I was a child He became my friend. When I got to know Him He became my Father. When I wanted to see what I could do He taught me to fly. When I thought flying made me special He taught me to be still. When my heart longed for love He brought me a marriage. When my lover became my God He sent jealous discontent. When my heart was broken He lifted my head. When my eyes were up He healed my relationships. When I least expected it He grew me a family. When I loved like a parent He showed me his heart. When my children left home He showed me a seed. When that seed was planted He increased our family. When lonely days find me He sends me friends. When friends don’t exist He fills me with music, or romances me with dramas, or thrills me with passions, or adorns me with colors......
When winter assaults me He provides me a nest. When summer is here His world is my playground. When I hate the world He sends dreams of heaven. When I long for heaven He shows me how great life is. When I'm down for the count He invites me to dance. When I dance too fast He leads me to rest. When my tears start flowing He sends me a laugh. When I laugh too long He shows me the needy. When I fulfill a need he sends me great joy. When the sun is too bright He sends me a cloud. When the skies turn gray He leads me to shelter. When I pray through the storm He sends me His peace. When peace turns to fear He is still with me. When panic takes over He waits next to me. When all hope is gone He comforts me there. When my songs are silent He sings to me. When I can’t get up He reaches for me. When I respond to Him He becomes clearer. When I am weak He is yet stronger. When I am strong we run together. We sprint, We leap, We soar together. When I am king we rule together. When I am a pauper He’s my bread daily…Hourly...Now. When I question everything He sends me answers. When I question my hearing He shows me His word. When I engulf in the word He opens my eyes. When my eyes are open I see my neighbor. When I see my neighbor I see the world. When I see the world I feel like a speck. When I am but dirt He sees me as clay. When I am a vessel then He fills me up. When I am full He flows into my world.

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  1. Wow Julie that was such a blessing.
    Its good to see you posting.
    I had to figure who wrote love blossons,
    you are very talented.