Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who is your Best Companion?

Who knows you better than anyone else? Who can you talk to when there is no one else around? Who is the best listener when you need to vent your troubles? Who gives you a little extra affection and comfort? Who is always there and never leaves you no matter how much you mess up? Who is not judgmental or demanding? Who loves you unconditionally? Who can you lavish all your love on? Who can you trust with your secrets? Who can’t wait to spend time with you? Who wants to go on long walks and share life with you? Who wishes to rescue you? Who would love to teach you the hidden secrets of a restful, peaceful life?

It’s God. Jesus did the work of our rescue. The Holy Spirit is our companion and comfort. Invite Him to show you his unconditional love today. Call upon the name of the Lord, Jesus.