Friday, November 13, 2009

Not a collector, just sentimental, right?

I proudly say that I do not collect anything. I do not get a satisfaction from saying that I have every item of a certain something. In fact, I think it's a scam. When I see someone who has every item in a collection I imagine a hook in their mouth. No offense, friends. If I were a manufacturer I would make as many as you would buy. The collection would have no end! You would be running on a perpetual treadmill and your collection would never be complete, because I would not stop adding crucial items to expand it. I will not fall victim to such a waste of resources.

Do you think I dost protest too much? I just have this one little thing... I love children’s books. Our loft is lined with bookshelves on which rows and rows of children’s books humbly stand, currently unused and collecting dust. I rarely read them anymore. My youngest is about a year and a half past his last bedtime story. That was when he read a page then I read a page, taking turns. After all he needed to practice for school and I was happy to help.

Everyday I walk past those books without a thought in their direction. Yet all I have to do is stop and open one and a world of sweetness floods back to me. I relive the joy of pretending not to find the giggling child hiding under the buggers (covers) and waiting with a book. Telling them “A you're Adorable” and ” I Love you like Strawberry Milkshakes”. Sometimes it was scholarly study time from “Charlie Brown's 'Cyclopedia” and “The Way Things Work” and always a world where zoo animals, barn animals, and dinosaurs roam. We admired together the craftiness of Brer Rabbit, and fell in love with the bumbling Amelia Bedelia, and laughed at the poor princess who gets all bruised up from that little pea under all those mattresses. We had found a place where there are always “Caps for Sale” and elephants who can't forget. We had a blast pretending that our pets were a big red dog and a poky little puppy and a fast growing fish named Otto in our swimming pool. We befriended Winston, Newton, Elton, and Ed, Sammy the Seal and Baby Beluga. We learned that “Happiness is a Warm Puppy” and found out what Brown Bear sees. We learned to rhyme from Dr. Seuss and laugh with the Family Circus. We tricked mean Bill Brown with our duck feet and cheered on Captain Underpants. Of course we met important real people as well, like Daniel, Aaron, Joseph, Moses, Mary and David, and most of all, Jesus. Yep, bedtime was book time, and we loved it.

Ironically, reading in bed was supposed to help the kids get sleepy but most of the time I was the one struggling to keep my eyes open. After the back cover was closed, we prayed together then wished each other sweet dreams. "Read more mommy", "No, it is time to go teeps, lay your headdy down".

OK, maybe I am a collector... of wonderful memories with my babies. I must be, because I'll never let those books go. Someday I plan on introducing them to my grandkids, so maybe I should buy just a couple more.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Tea and Me

This is my first blog. So I want to write about something very important to me... Sweet Tea. Hot in the fall and winter, iced in the spring and summer. My mama got me hooked when I was just a teenager. She would bring me a cup as I was curling my hair and set it on my vanity along with a fried dunker egg and some toast. It was extra sweet because I had not really acquired the taste for it yet. It started with a few warm sips and grew steadily from there.

Now I am nearly a 1/2 a century old and sweet tea is still by my side. Oh, I had a long relationship with Mountain Dew for awhile, but I eventually came back to my first love after a trip down south. I was amazed that the fast food restaurants actually had it on their menus. Now, wonder of wonders, it is available in Indiana. You can get a giant glass of sweet tea for only a buck at Micky Dees. Hallelujah! There are 2 of those within a mile of my house!

Now I must admit I have become somewhat of a sweet tea connaisseur. A prude, if you will. I have rated the best to the worst of available brews.

Number one by a long shot is Skyline Chili. Oh so dark and almost too sweet.
Number two is Captain D's. Which is sad because Noblesville doesn't have one. But alas, Muncie does!
New in the number 3 spot is Subway. A surprise because it is very new and I think made from a powder.
All others are not great, but good enough, and McDonalds will do if you ask for "light ice".

However, this story takes a downward turn because of blood sugar levels. See, I like to sip all day long on my extra large elixir. It gave me a boost of caffeinated energy and comfort all at once. Now, in an effort to balance my blood sugar levels I can only have it with a meal or a snack. Protein or fiber to make it more low glycemic. If I have it with something already in my tummy it doesn't burst into my bloodstream so quickly. So I always have the food first. And instead of having a large to sip on all day, I have a small. A SMALL! A kid size. Sigh. And only 1/2 a cup in the morning. When I am done eating I, I, I (I can't even say it)...dump it out. Do you feel my pain?

But, lets look at this as the cup 1/2 full and not the opposite because I do generally feel better. When I balance my blood sugar it goes a long way to balancing my hormone levels and therefore my emotions, which my husband appreciates. And I keep those nasty yeast and candida surges in check, and I don't get headaches from caffeine withdrawls. I also keep my weight steady because when we have too much sugar our body begins to store it as fat and I already have plenty of that. Another trick I use is fasting for 2 hours between each meal or snack. Only water, and checking the clock. This is actually the diabetic diet that I had to go on when I was pregnant. I am not diabetic now, as far as I know, but If I am careful, I never will be.

So I have to close, and go dump my remaining 1/2 cup. Feel free to use my tricks to lower your sugar levels too. They also work with pop, candy, and desserts.

Talk at you soon.

Now what time is it?