Monday, February 28, 2011

Faith, Hope, & Love

FAITH= Trust. Faith is putting your trust in something or someone. The only person worthy of your trust is the Lord Jesus. Faith is also allowing yourself to believe the amazing things that were written down for you in the bible. Childlike faith is a good thing.

HOPE=Optimism. Letting go of your fears and look for good things to happen in your future. A new life and home in heaven is our ultimate hope. But hope is also looking for God’s blessings in your life right now so you can recognize them when they happen.

LOVE= Giving. Love is doing something for another, fulfilling a need, helping, and putting someone else’s need before your own. Showing kindness when you don’t feel like it or it is not deserved. Jesus saw what mankind needed. He put our needs before his own. He defined love.

The bible says that these 3 things remain forever. Many things in our lives will change when we finally see God face to face. In fact, the whole earth will change and get a make over. But faith, hope, and love will not need to change. They will endure even in to a future age.

Everything about living on earth tells us to do the opposite of these three. We are told to “trust no one”. So we become fearful of taking a chance on faith. We also conclude that if we expect the worst then we will not be so disappointed in life. We become pessimistic and actually think that we are happier that way. If we listen to the advice that we should take care of ourselves first, allow survival of the fittest, and look out for number one. We may never discover the surprising joys of sacrificial love.

It seems easier to give up and live in negativity. That is the way life on earth pulls us. But faith, hope, and love are what God called us to do. He even said He will help us. That is the life He can work in. That is the mindset that produces a thankful attitude. For you will see what you are looking for. So with God’s help we can be brave and fight the good fight of faith.

1 Corinthian 13:13 Now abideth faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love.

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