Friday, January 28, 2011

Like Dancing in the Rain

It seems like it might be fun to dance in the rain if it is a light sprinkle and I have a really great umbrella and awesome rain boots. Have you seen Gene Kelly dancing and singing in the rain? He seemed happy.

But dancing in the rain has come to mean much more to me lately. It means that we can learn to find joy in the middle of a bad situation. When we have problems in our lives we pray for God to remove the problem. And, thankfully, sometimes he does. Poof! Just like a fairy godmother. The problem is gone. But sometimes trouble is still there for a long time, always in our face.

We know God hears us when we pray. We know he loves us. We know God can reach us in this messed up world. Then we must know that God is with us right in the middle of our troubles.

Psalms says “He prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies”. “Our cup runs over”. So in the middle of a battle in a giant war we can feel like we are sitting down to a peaceful dinner, even as the trouble makers watch us eat our favorite meal and even have dessert!

This can happen when we learn to connect with God’s spirit. It is a matter of what you look at and think about. If you spend a lot of time thinking only about your problems, you will feel overwhelmed by them. Take a break from your troubles. Take time to think about God’s love for you. Maybe you have a list of bible verses that are about God’s love. Take time to read through them. You could watch your favorite Jesus video. Maybe you have songs about God that you can sing or dance to. Music is a powerful way to focus on God and feel his love. There are lots of ways you can take a mini vacation with God every day.

There is a bible story about Jesus walking on water. He was actually walking on top of the lake! Peter got out of the boat. He focused his eyes on Jesus and walked on the water too, for a while. Then he stopped looking at Jesus. He got distracted by the big waves. They were trouble. Looking at the waves he began to sink. It is our choice where we want to focus, on the waves of troubles, or on Jesus.

Jesus didn’t let Peter sink. Jesus reached out and rescued him in the end.

Jesus said “In the world you will have troubles. But don’t worry, I have overcome the world”. (John 16:33)
Psalms 46 says that God is an ever present help in trouble.

Dear Heavenly Father…Thank you that you never leave me lost in my troubles. I know my future home is in your heavenly kingdom where there will be no more problems. But I want to know the Joy of the Lord while I am here on earth. Let the Holy Spirit help me find a great way to connect with your love each day.
Your Princess, Amen.