Friday, February 18, 2011

He knows MY name!

If you have asked Jesus to come in to your life then you know that you have a home waiting for you in God’s heaven. The bible says that before the earth began He knew who would come to Him. He also knew that you would be born into a world that is full of disappointments.

Yet, for you, He has dotted the earth with glimpses of heaven.
Our dads were meant to be an example of what our Heavenly Father is. Wow, what a huge responsibility for them! But how can they do that unless they had a good dad to learn from? And what dad can ever even come close to being the super dad that our Heavenly Father is? Sometimes our earthly father is so busy that we wonder if he even notices us. Many times our fathers are gone long hours trying to make enough money. Sometimes a dad can say something that really breaks his child’s heart. And some dads actually abuse and hurt their children. Some of us have fathers who have already gone on to heaven, or have a father that we have never even seen. But the bible says that, if you have seen Jesus you have seen your Heavenly Father.

So how can we see Jesus? We see Jesus in the pages of the bible. The bible tells us all about Him. Jesus loved children. He had time for people. He was helpful to them. He fed them. He healed them. He taught them. He listened to them. He encouraged them. He worked with them and he rested with them. And that is what Father God does for us.

For us, Jesus gave up His life on earth. He knew we could not get to heaven. And if He would take the punishment that belonged to all people, then we could follow Him into heaven. He could have said no. But He trusted Father God. And that gave us a wonderful future in God’s family.

Our Heavenly Father will never be too busy for us. He will never be in too big a hurry. He will not forget about us. In fact, He waits patiently for us to call on Him... and if we don’t, He misses us. He thinks we are beautiful. Be- you- T- ful! Nothing we have to say will ever be too small for Him to listen to. He will never leave us. He will never change his mind. He will not punish us, because Jesus has already taken our punishment. He only loves us. And that make us love Him back and want to do everything we can to please Him.

He Knows My Name (by Tommy Walker)

I have a maker. He formed my heart.
Before even time began, my life was in his hand.
He knows my name. He knows my every thought.
He sees each tear that falls. And hears me when I call.
I have a father. He calls me his own.
He’ll never leave me. No matter where I roam.
He knows my name. He knows my every thought.
He sees each tear that falls. And hears me when I call.
And hears me when I call. And hears me when I call.

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