Sunday, May 6, 2012

What does God want from us?

He wants us to learn… He wants us to learn…That we need him to be our king. That although we may become smart, strong, and great kings. He will always be smarter, stronger, and greater. He wants us to realize that He is our leader and we should never try to rule above Him, on earth, or in eternity. He wants us to learn…That things on the earth are not the way that they could have been if Adam and Eve would not have rebelled. Once upon a time earth was a lot more like heaven. Earth is now full of war, selfishness, and arrogance (racism). It is the result of mankind being in charge of earth. But none of that is in heaven where God rules. He wants us to learn…To be a peacemaker. We will be peacemakers when we are living in the heavenly dimension. Hopefully we can bring some of that to earth right now. Jesus was not an expert sword fighter. He did not invent martial arts. He was able to speak the words of the bible to quiet his enemies. He wants us to learn…That we are not alone on the earth. That God can be our king right now. He is a friend that sticks closer that a brother. (Proverbs 18:24) The Holy Spirit is our invisible friend who is inside our head and heart if we have invited him in. We can each have conversations with Him in our minds, without even speaking. He wants us to learn…That he loves us like a good father loves his child. Like a mother is consumed with affection for her newborn. Yet, even more. Because we do not see many parents who love as deeply as God does. Maybe it is not possible. Our parents are damaged by living on earth. If they don’t know Father God’s unconditional love for them, then they can’t give it either. He wants us to learn…That God will not give up on us. His offer to us never expires. His love never stops. No matter what we might experience in this messed up world, he is still waiting for us to turn to him and say, “Help me. Be my leader. I was not made to be king. I want to follow you. I can’t do this alone. Thank you for loving me like a son (daughter)”. He wants us to learn…That Jesus is the way. (Plain and simple, catchy and cliché.) The father made it easy. Follow Jesus and you are on the right track. Jesus knew how to please the father. Obedience even unto death because he knew there is new life after death. Adam messed it up, but Jesus got it right. He wants us to learn…That the bible is our gift. Jesus used the scriptures. We use the scriptures. The Holy Spirit uses the scriptures. Some scholars say it is flawed. I don’t know. All I know is that God uses it to communicate, and confirm the things he is saying to me, and doing on the earth. There are lots of voices speaking to us. You know it is God if it does not contradict the bible. He wants us to learn…what justice is. No one can ever accuse God of being an unfair ruler of heaven. When people realize that God is King they also instinctively know they deserve punishment for their rebellion. But God answered in love. He let Jesus be the payment for our punishment. Now we are completely guilt free.

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