Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adjust your Sails to Catch the Spirit

Sailboats are beautiful. It is so relaxing to watch them glide through the water, letting the breeze carry them. I have felt the Lord reminding me to be a sailboat, led by His Spirit.

Go With The Flow- I am a planner, a controller. If I were in a ship’s crew I would be the navigator. I want the Lord to show me the destination and I will help and direct until we get there. Upon arrival, we promptly set a new goal. I have good intentions. But I think I will try sailing in a way that allows the Lord to be the navigator and make changes to my direction as we go.

Listen to the Breeze- Learn to hear and respond to the leading of the Spirit. God’s spirit has been poured out on the earth. It’s everywhere. It is in you. So it is everywhere you are, always whispering. We don’t have to set a meeting, or go through certain prayers, or read 2 chapters. Just have a willing and open heart. Many times we sail along with the Spirit and don’t realize it until we look back. I wasn’t sure at the time, but yes, the Lord was there and He led me through those waters. From my experience the Holy Spirit will definitely do a few things. He will draw us into the bible, either by reading or by listening. He will be gentle and loving, not demanding or condemning. Our challenge is to be led by His breeze and not to be blown about by all the other distractions on the lake.

Don’t be a Motor Boat- It is awesome to serve the Lord. Our zeal makes us want to get up and DO something for God. Accomplish some real change for Christ! I want that so badly. But we humans can get into such a hurry that we become the leader. I am profoundly guilty of this myself. Our service for God can actually cause us to disconnect from the flow of the Spirit. Turn off your motor and sail for a while. See if the wind is blowing fast and furious today, or if it is time to just float and enjoy the sunshine.

Like Flags of Glory- I have this vision of many sailboats on the lake. Moving like choreographed dancers. Their sails are all different colors. They are high and beautiful. It is peaceful. It is joyous. It is God moving among his people, the church.


  1. you are so inspiring, I feel that you could be an awesome bible study leader.
    Thanks for this inspiring post.