Thursday, June 2, 2011


Maybe the Ten Commandments were written for our protection, like kindergarten rules for grownups.

Obey your Parents- Don’t learn everything the hard way. Follow good advice from people who love you.

Don’t steal- Don’t mistreat others.

Don’t murder- We can all agree on this one.

Don’t lie- Be real. Be yourself, own up. God loves the truth. He doesn’t want us to hide behind lies. The spirit of the Lord leads us to all truth.

Keep a Sabboth- Take a day off? Sure, my pleasure. This is also for our protection. So we don’t become a nation of stressed out workaholics. Wait! Too late. God wants to help you. You are not all alone in this. He knows your needs. Consider the lillies, man.

Do not covet other people’s stuff- Dude, you will never enjoy life if you always have to have the best stuff. Chillax!

No sex outside of marriage- Most people disagree with this one. But I have been married for 28 years and can’t bear the thought of my hubby being with someone else – even before we met. Yes, I can forgive it and get past it, just like God does. But I hate it. In a perfect world I could be his one and only. I guess that was God’s goal, a perfect world.

No other Gods- Well, if you can’t get this right, nothing else in your life will line up either. You will have constant confusion. Put God first and all these things will be added. Once you figure out that Jesus is Lord you will have your heading. Savvy?

Don’t take God’s name in vain- A sign of respect and belief. God says, “Hey! I’m right here. I can hear you”.

No carved images or idols- Wow, he really had to say this? Sad. God is not a thing you can see or possess. He is a spirit. You can only know him with your spirit. Many people are trying to find Him through science, reasoning, and academic proof. When it comes to God, the human mind can only process and confirm what the spirit already knows. Invite Jesus to make Himself real to you in a very personal way. Go ahead. I dare you. Believe me, He knows you better than anyone else. There will be things that only the two of you can share.

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