Tuesday, May 10, 2011


There is someone who thinks you are amazing. He loves you more than you can measure. You can’t see this person with your eyes, but you can feel him with your heart.

You know those sweet love feelings that you can get when you hear your favorite song? Songs that say things like…

Girl, you know you are special. You know that I think of you all the time.
I’m yours. I long to be close to you. You are so beautiful.
I can’t help falling in love with you. I will always adore you.
I would die for you.
You are the one and only. I'm the lost and lonely.  Oh its magic when we meet.
Let’s be heart to heart. Heartbeat is a love beat and when we meet its a good sensation.
Let me take care of you. I want to shower you with my love. 
Love everlasting is what you're asking.  Until the twelfth of never I'll still be lovin you.
I'll be there to protect your with an unselfish love that respects you.  I'll be there.

And many more.

We get the message that someday there will be a special boy that will love us this much. But it is a trick because no human can love us as much as we want to be loved. What you feel when you hear songs like this could really be God singing to your heart. It is God’s Holy Spirit that causes those feelings of love in you, and hopes to draw you closer to Him. God can and will use anything in this earth to draw us to him.

We could go and search the whole earth. Try all kinds of exciting things. But will never find a greater love or a greater thrill. And maybe you will meet a wonderful guy someday and get married. But God wants to be your first love . His heavenly love for you will always be bigger than any human love you can find. God’s heart breaks when you ignore Him. Jesus laid down his life so he could have a relationship and a future with you. The bible says that the church is the bride of Christ. What great love!

I invite you to try this…the next time you hear your favorite song take a minute to pray. Ask Jesus if He is speaking to you through the song. Notice how your heart feels after you pray. See if you get happy tears. I bet that you will find that He is the real source of your special love. Go ahead and let yourself fall in love with Him. Sing to Him. Share your secrets with Him. He is the only one you can fully trust with your heart.

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