Sunday, February 21, 2010

Casting Our Crowns

Revelation 4:10, 11

When we see finally see Jesus sitting on his throne, it will mean that we were not banished from God’s kingdom, even though we deserved to be. How wonderful!

We will be so thankful and so happy and so full of love for Jesus that we will want to place all of our awards and titles at his feet. Anything great we did in life will seem small compared to what He did for us.

That means all of my trophies, my ribbons, my championships, and any awards I got at work or school.

At his feet there will be Olympic medals, Superbowl rings, Grammys, Emmys, prom queen and homecoming queen tiaras, Miss Universe crowns, gold records, Nobel Peace prizes, Scholarship awards…

So should we really be living our lives trying to prove that we are awesome by seeing how many awards we can win and how much success we can achieve? Can we ever have enough or will someone always have more?

Will God love us more if we accomplish more?

Does God love any one of his kids more than another?

If we become a great leader many people will love us and it will prove that we are something special, right?

Remember, everyone wants to be the leader. Everyone wants to prove that they are awesome. Everyone thinks his ideas are the best. Lucifer did this in God’s kingdom. He wanted to prove that he was just as wise and good as God. He wanted to earn all of the angel’s admiration. He couldn’t just follow God. He got banished.

Maybe it is not God we are trying to impress, maybe it is other people. Maybe even our mom or dad.

We can not fall into the trap of judging our self worth by how other people treat us. People are naturally selfish and cruel. People like to show that they are better than you. Then just when you think you have done something great to get them to like you, they don’t, because they are jealous of you instead of happy for you.

Don’t put your trust in people. We need to remember that imperfect people do not really know how to be kind, or give love. Perfect love comes only from God. If you need to earn a parent’s love or a friend’s respect, it can never fully be done. Our only response is to forgive them for withholding love and get free from that pressure.

Love is not to be earned. It is to be given freely. It has nothing to do with appearances or accomplishments.

Chasing awards, respect, and admiration is a trick from the enemy to rob us of enjoying our lives.

God loves us already. He invited us to come to live with him forever in his kingdom. He rescued us. He is our hero. We owe Him everything.

He created us with talents and abilities to develop. Enjoy it!

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