Thursday, February 9, 2017

The ONE Thing.

I was in college in the early 80s.  I was not raised in a “Christian home”.   But for some reason I put this poster on my dorm room wall.
Looking back I wonder why.  I want to ask myself, “Hey Julie, what’s up with the Jesus poster?”  I was barely following Jesus.  I was doin’ my own thing.  Making my own way and accomplishing things.  I was a little bit type A back then.  Ok, very type A.  I liked things my way.  And I got things done and I overscheduled and achieved.  Dang it, I achieved!   Move out of my way or get run over.  But still I seemed to know one thing…Jesus loves me.

I am turning 55 this year.  I am happy.  I have a wonderful husband,  great kids who I respect and cherish, a new grandchild,  a successful business, a beautiful home, a funny little doggie, and bonus, my parents are still kickin.  And yet, I treasure above all that one thing.  Jesus loves me.
I have been broke.  I mean, praying for the next meal, daily bread, broke.  I have dressed in hand me downs, drove a rusty car, and filed bankruptcy.  I have felt shame and despair.  I have basically had a nervous breakdown.  I have been weak and sick and overweight.  I have lost my peace about things like buying and selling our homes, and sending kids to private school, or college, or home school.  I watched precious family members get sick and die before my eyes.  But alas, that one thing… Jesus loves me.

Life lifts you up and sometimes drops you hard.  I live in Indiana.  We can be sunny one day and sub-zero the next.  But I have been rescued many, many times.  I have been helped by friends, strangers, and (I believe) angels.  I have seen miracles. I have experienced healings.   I have had more prayers answered than I could ever record.   I have been led by the Holy Spirit. I have “heard” God’s voice in my head giving answers to my ugly questions.  The fact that I can understand the bible is amazing to me.   I have always been provided for and I have never been alone, why?, only that one thing, that one amazing thing.

Everyone who loves knows God because God is love.  God’s perfect love casts out fear.  And no greater love has ever been shown than the sacrifice of Jesus for us.

Jesus loves me.  He loves you.  He loves everyone.  And if I could tell you anything it would be
that one thing.

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