Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ding! It is Finished. Come and Get It!

One day as Gramma Grace was baking she heard the shuffle of little feet. She looked down and was surprised to see her busy young grandson slowly carrying his time-out chair to her. He explained that he had broken a rule in the living room and now he just couldn’t seem to feel very happy. When Gramma Grace saw how sorry he was it touched her heart. So she sat him on his time out chair and set the timer. But after a minute or two she told him he could get up and go play again. Yet how could he? He saw that the timer was still ticking and the punishment was not over. Then, to his surprise, Grace sat down on the chair! She stayed there the whole time while he freely enjoyed his toys. When they finally heard the bell chime she said, “It is finished” and she stood up. The boy felt so loved that he ran to his Gramma and gave her his tightest hug ever. And to thank her, he even “helped” in the kitchen that afternoon.

What Gramma Grace did reminds us of what Jesus did.
You see, before we were ever born the people of earth rejected God. This brought many bad things into our world. But then God sent Jesus to the earth. Now Jesus already served the punishment for all people. When he was on the cross he said the words, “It is finished”.

All we have to do is open our heart to Him. And because God hears our thoughts we can talk to him without even speaking. So it is just the two of us.

Each of us gets to choose who is king of our own heart.

That is the Christmas baby...the one who showed us grace and paid our punishment. He makes it possible for us to know God.

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